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On the Road to Edo

The Shrimpman of Happiness

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Ariana Deralte
15 August
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I am an archaeologist, fanfiction author, and aspiring writer (amongst other things). Currently, I'm working on my book, and working towards my Phd.

A few words by me on all and sundry (quotes taken from my journal over the past few years)-

Life: "What will happen to my flaming cuttlefish?"
Politics: "Politics is like a disease. You shouldn't cough in other people's faces when you're infected."
Fandom: "Ah, microcosms..."
Sacrifice: "So if I give it a blood sacrifice of a puppy, it'll give up the information?"
Writing: "Ah, character development. Maybe *that's* why I wrote this scene..." "The way I wrote it is more realistic, but that's no way to plan a narrative."
Deep thoughts: "Every society believes they have the right idea at the time, including ours."
Nostalgia: "I miss Dark Heart and his evil camping plans."
Fanfic: "Have wasted the day exercising and reading fic. Bad Ariana. No biscuit."
Archaeology: "It is impossible to take a journal seriously when it's called Megafauna Puncher's Review (especially when translating it to Big Animal Puncher's Review)."
University: "Lecturers really are cruel to turn off the lights in a room so late in the afternoon."
Death: "I really must not read books about human sacrifice before going to sleep."
Reading: "I adore seeing how different characters react to things; their reactions not only reveal anything you needed to know about their own characters, but almost always have a fascinating impact on the main character."
Love: "He's so cute and demonic!"
Medicine: "I'm waiting for them to assign me a course of leeches, or a nice good bleeding in the morning."
Violence: "Give me a little dark violence and my day is set *g*"
Alcohol: "There's a bottle of black absinthe on the counter in my kitchen. 160 proof. It scares me."
History: On the advantages of woodcuts - "Computer manuals would have woodcuts of ancient computer users with their old wooden monitors and stained glass screens."

You can find my fanfiction at ff.net (though there are many other places online you can find my stories).

My Fic recommendation's journal.

Friends welcome, though I prefer a comment introducing oneself. It's much more likely I'll friend you back that way too:P

Journal layout by cartonage (pic by me). Mood theme from here.
aang, akira, albus dumbledore, angel sanctuary, anime, aoshi, archaeology, archery, archie kennedy, babylon 5, badgers, bird-lizards, blackadder, blade of the immortal, bleach, boba fett, boromir, bujinkan, captain kirk, chocolate frogs, clamp, cowboy bebop, cunning plans, daleks, dark ages, dean winchester, discworld, doctor who, dresden files, due south, edward elric, escaflowne, evil overlords, fanfiction, fantastic fight scenes, faramir, farscape, forever knight, frodo, fullmetal alchemist, furuba, gambit, genjou sanzo, gensoumaden saiyuki, ghibli, gladiator, gto, hack sign, hatake kakashi, hellsing, herpo the foul, highlander, hikaru no go, horatio hornblower, hufflepuff, human remains, inari sushi, inuyasha, jack aubrey, jack sparrow, japanese, julius marvolo, kronos, labyrinth, lestat, lone wolf and cub, lotr, louis illiescu, luffy, master and commander, megaliths, megatokyo, mena smith, methos, minerva mcgonagall, monty python, mst3k, mushi-shi, mythology, nami, narnia, neil gaiman, nihongo, notre dame de paris, one piece, onsen, orkney, peter david, plot bunnies, potc, procrastinating, ranma 1/2, reading, revelation scenes, reviewing, riflery, rincewind, roronoa zoro, rumiko takahashi, rurouni kenshin, saito, sam winchester, sandman, sanji, sanzo, scorpius, seirei no moribito, sentinnel, severus snape, shanks, sharpe, sherlock holmes, shikamaru, simpsons, sluggy freelance, slytherin, snatch, spike, star trek, star wars, stargate, supernatural, swords, terry pratchett, the founders, the goat incident, tom baker, tom marvolo riddle, toph, trigun, true blood, ukiyo-e, uric beaufolle, uric the oddball, utena, vampires, vetinari, vimes, watchmen, wendelin the weird, witty dialogue, wolverine, wot, writing, yondaime, yu yu hakusho, zechs merquise, zuko

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