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Japan Day 1

So I arrived in Japan today after a pretty crazy trip. My first flight got delayed so I missed my flight to Japan. As a result, they rerouted me through Detroit and I had to run through the airport to catch my flight. This triggered an asthma attack but at least there was absolutely no reason for me to to not just go to sleep when the exhaustion from the inhaler over took me. On the plus side, I was on a newer plan with excellent on flight entertainment and I had a window seat with only one person next to me. That made the flight quite bearable as I used it for the opportunity to catch up on movies I've missed. I ended up watching Inside Out which was cute but I don't get why it was called such a great pixar movie. I'd rate it about the same as Brave. Then I watched both Attack on Titan live action movies which really improved on the manga by removing all the excess that the manga lingered on. Not bad acting and special effects too. Then I watched A Little Chaos in honor of Alan Rickman which was a nice, quiet movie, and then I finally got around to watching Antman. In between those, I napped a lot.

Once I got to Tokyo (only a half hour later than my original flight), I got my things. I'm impressed they just give you your printed foreigner id card at immigration these days. Then I caught the train in and made my way to my hotel. I picked it for the location but I seem to have really lucked out. It has a tiny hot spring on the top floor (1 sauna, two hot pools, one cool pool), but there is an outdoor hot pool and a view of the Tokyo river and Sky Tree. I picked up some dinner at a conbini and then rushed up to enjoy the onsen for an hour (and get interrogated in Japanese by the old lady there) before heading back down. So far, this is the softest bed in a hotel in Japan that I've ever experienced. Also, they have an air purifier in the room. Not sure how much longer I can stay awake but I wanted to update in real time for once. Oh, and the sim card I ordered while in the US seems to be working in my hilariously see through, gold Firefox phone. Oh Japan.

I fly to Osaka on Monday and start looking for apartments. Non-smoking is not a thing here so I am not holding my breath (joke not intended) but I need a smoke free place so my asthma doesn't kill me so I have to put my foot down.

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